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English Corner No.32

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James McCarthy

2019, time goes by so slowly when you're a child, and then, as an adult, it goes by in the blink of an eye. It doesn't seem that long ago since we were celebrating the Millennium. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year, even if those yellow tangas/ boxers were a bit of a tight squeeze on the night!!

Who died?

Not sure what happened this year in Armenia, it was the city of darkness, even the slums in Africa and Calcutta put on a better display of Christmas lights. The city looked like it was in mourning, all the while we read about how Government -Clever-Clogs, were ready for the influx of tourists to come to Quindío over the Christmas period. Is it any wonder tourists just bypass Armenia, if this is the best they had to offer? Time and time again we are told there is no money in Armenia, and yet (Asamblea Departamental Del Quindío 2018) had money to publish an expensive coloured magazine boasting about their success( lack of) for the past 12 months, there is also money to construct new steps to the entrance of the Government Building in the main (plaza) Square.

As always, there is never money for Armenia or its people-but always money to be stolen!!

Definition: All the while in order to say that something happens continually. Clever Clogs: Disapproving, a person who is clever in a way that is annoying.

This will be the year

So many will make the promise to themselves, “This year I will learn English” if so here are a few tips: Do your research, don’t just sign up to a school of English just because it’s expensive, that doesn’t make it the best! Shop around, speak to friends who already speak English, find out where they studied, get the pros and cons. Remember there is no point in signing up or paying all that money if you aren’t committed. I get many people asking me: Can I learn English in a few weeks? No, is the answer. How long will it take me to learn English? If you are intelligent, then quickly, if you aren’t blessed with a sharp brain, well…No more to be said! How many hours a week do I need to learn English? My answer is always the same, only have the amounts of hours per week that you can afford. Also, don’t be fooled by the “gimmicky” TV commercials.

Definition: Shop around, a phrasal verb: If you shop around, you go to different shops or companies in order to compare the prices and quality of goods or services before you decide to buy them. Gimmicky is used to describe something that attracts the attention from mainstream media, but when explored in-depth it turns out to be rather underwhelming and overhyped.

If you have private lessons then remember it is you who contacted the teacher, not the other way round. So respect the time you are given, be punctual (impossible for Colombians) bring your notes to each class. So many –“Oh I forgot, I left them at home”, etc. That’s the first sign of a bad student, wasting the teacher’s time. To learn a good level of English (B2), then you are talking about 2/3 years unless you have the time and money to study 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, which includes, Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You have to study, and study, and study!

Until next Tuesday –Be good

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