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English Corner No.63

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James McCarthy

Bojo is off to a bumpy start, his Brexit plans are not going to plan! He wants to leave without an agreement; he wants to leave with an agreement. He doesn’t want to speak to the EU; he wants to speak to the EU. Now, it’s Ireland’s fault, it’s the EU’s fault. He doesn’t want the “backstop”. I guess nobody told Bojo, the UK asked for Brexit, the UK insisted on the “backstop”. Like the 1975 song-“Send in the clowns”….. "Don't bother, they're here".


Two for one; so to speak, if you shop in Exito or Dollarcity in Parque Sucre, and use the car park, a receipt from either shop can be used for two-hour parking, as long as your purchase is for ten thousand pesos or more at any one time. You cannot use two receipts showing five thousand pesos from each shop.

So to speak: Used to highlight the fact that one is describing something in an unusual or metaphorical way.

Common Errors Part One

This will be split over two-weeks; the correct English is in BOLD. Many keep making the same- little- errors, stop thinking in Spanish, then it will/should become easier.

I have visited London last weekend. I visited London last weekend. The woman which works here is from Colombia. The woman who works here is from Colombia. She’s married with a teacher. She’s married to a teacher. She was boring in the class. She was bored in the class. I must to call him now. I must call him now.

Every students like the teacher. Every student likes the teacher. I enjoyed from the movie. I enjoyed the movie. I look forward to meet you. I look forward to meeting you. I like very much coffee. I like coffee very much. She can to swim. She can swim. Where I can find a bar? Where can I find a bar? I live in United States. I live in the United States. When I will arrive, I will call you. When I arrive, I will call you. I’ve been here since three months. I’ve been here for three months. My friend has got a new work. My friend has got a new job. She doesn’t listen me. She doesn’t listen to me. You speak English good. You speak English well. The police is coming. The police are coming. The house isn’t enough big. The house isn’t big enough. You should not to smoke. You should not smoke.

El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio

A US right-wing politician has sparked derision (mockery) after claiming ‘drag queen advocates’ and ‘homosexual marriage’ are to blame for America’s gun violence epidemic. With a mindset like this, what chance do Americans have? So far this year more than 530 have died in mass shootings. According to a 2017 survey, the rate of murder or manslaughter by firearm is the highest in the developed world. There were almost 11,000 deaths as a result of murder or manslaughter involving a firearm in 2017. So many questions- so few answers!

Mindset: A person's way of thinking and their opinions.

Thanks, everyone for the early morning text messages last week, a slight hiccup (error) with the late publication.

Until next Tuesday –Be good.

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