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English Corner No.68

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James McCarthy

September sees summer coming to an end, holidays over and all students back to the books. Ireland and England had better weather than usual this year with a summer hotter than average, now for the next 10-15 days, they are in for an Indian summer (a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in autumn) with temperatures expected to reach 22- 25c. This doesn’t always happen but when it does it’s a nice start to the evenings getting shorter. September 23rd summer officially ends, with autumn lasting until December 22nd. Apart from the weather, Ireland and the UK had their fair share of tragedies, many unnecessary accidents and deaths.

Drowning (ahogando)

More than 500 people drown in the UK and Ireland every year; thousands more suffer near-drowning experiences. Drowning is the third highest cause of death in children in the UK. It claims the lives of almost 400,000 people worldwide per year. More than 60 children drown during the summer months every year in the UK, yet the majority of these deaths are likely to have been preventable. 2018, Ireland had 70 accidental and 25 (suicidal) recorded drownings.

Bullying / Prank

A 14-year-old boy killed after lying on train tracks in front of horrified classmates in the UK, after being bullied online by trolls. The school is denying it was suicide saying "it was a prank". Either way, it shouldn't have happened. There have also been a few reported deaths of teenagers around the world taking their own lives as they didn't get enough social media followers.


In Essex, England a 14th person has died following a "serious outbreak" of a killer bug. Another 33 or more have been infected by the highly contagious strain of invasive Group A streptococcus. It is spread between people through sneezing, kissing and skin contact. Most of the patients affected are elderly and had been receiving care for chronic wounds, in the community, either in their own homes and some in care homes. Care homes: Government or private homes provided for elderly people.


Children in Ireland as young as 13, are becoming addicted to drugs according to latest reports. The number of young teenagers seeking counselling, for drug addiction has quadrupled in just two years and believe that cocaine use has now become as normalised as alcohol. For some taking a line of cocaine has become a rite of passage.

Tourism down

Tourism has dropped in London by 6% this summer as a result of media reports on “how dangerous London is becoming” last year was London’s bloodiest in 10 years as the death toll reached 135, so far this year 104 deaths and counting. Hospitals in the capital treat 21 people a day for knife wounds and other injuries from assaults, official figures have shown.


Not wanting to make this a week of doom and gloom (depressing) but so is life, last year Ireland had, 150 and the UK 1,795 deaths resulting from car accidents. Most accidents were as a result of speed, texting or excessive amounts of alcohol. Only two weeks ago in Ireland, a four-month-old boy died following a two-car collision.


In the USA, companies that manufacture bulletproof backpacks /school bags say they've seen a 300% spike (rise) in sales following three recent mass shootings this summer. There is little concrete evidence that such backpacks, which range in price from $100 – $500, will actually be effective in the event of a shooting, but what other options do parents have, we live in a-screwed-up world at the moment. Will things improve in the future? Your guess is as good as mine!

All in all summer 2019, not exactly a good one.

Until next Tuesday-Be good

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